"Our daughter Kate, being bi-lingual, faces challenges with Danish grammar such as sentence structures and correct words to use in each context. A Danish friend of ours recommended Lise to us, as Lise is widely recognised for her work and expertise in teaching children who have difficulties in Danish. The focus for our daughter is to improve written Danish by working through mistakes she has made in her school assignments. Occasionally she has also handed assignments on topics that interested her. For each assignment Lise gives her written feedback not only on grammar, but also overall level achieved and comments whether her argumentation and reasoning are in place. Each mistake in Kate's assignment has been addressed and explained if it is not obvious. Lise encourages Kate by always mentioning what she has done well which is quite important. Without encouragement it is difficult for a teenager to cooperate with a teacher.  Kate has worked with Lise for a year. We have seen gradual improvement. Improvement takes time, but we are very pleased with the progress."  

Parents to an English and Danish spoken teen.